Weekly Roundup

Once again Sunday has rolled around, which means once again it’s time for our Weekly Roundup!

Tales of Ostlea

The Spring Festival is still going on and the creature crafting is set to begin any day now. We just have to round up a few stray Shelled Rexlings – they like to rampage around, imagining they’re full-grown T-Rexes… it looks adorable, but it’s a bit of a pain!


Mysgardia, meanwhile, had its June release earlier this week. An adorable new Small critter has popped up in the rivers and lakes of Mysgardia: the Ailutra! It’s not an otter, it’s not a red panda – no, it’s bothAt once. The concept was first imagined by MadiFox, a long-time fan and supporter of Mysgardia. We’re happy she did – the Ailutra really are extremely cute.

And that’s it for this week, so you in seven days!

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