Weekly Roundup

It’s Sunday, Weekly Roundup time!

Not much has happened, mostly due to ongoing problems in our private lives. It simply leaves us with less time to work on our sites. Be advised that any messages sent to us personally may also have a delay in getting answered, especially those which need to be discussed between the two of us, like requests to have a site join the Grynn’s Fairy Tales network.

Rest assured we will get to them though!


The sprite updates have finally been finished! Aside from a possible sprite change for the Kitsura, but that one’s a bit of a special case. We have plans for it!

A few very small bug fixes have happened as well, including one which makes the Black Market truly inaccessible when it’s closed. Before now it was still possible to reach it if only you knew the correct url. You can still go there using that direct url, but it’s no longer possible to purchase anything.

On a related note – the Black Market is open and will be closing tonight, so grab your Imps and Akumas while it lasts! Both with shiny new art, so don’t miss your chance!

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