Update – So, What Happened?

This past month and a half, Grynn’s Fairy Tales has been rather quiet. And we haven’t been saying much about it. So what happened, exactly?

Well, that wasn’t planned

During the last few days of 2016, we worked hard to create a planning for 2017. It all looked good, and there was room for error and things not quite going according to plan. We were confident it was all going to work out.

What we did not account for, was an unexpected absence of about two months for Rhynn, and at the same time Gryffi needing to be there for her family. One of us being absent for an extended time would have been no problem at all – both of us, however, was simply not going to work.

We did what we could with what we had available to us, but with extremely limited internet access for both of us, that simply wasn’t much.

Okay, so now what?

Gryffi is still needed by her family, but Rhynn is back home and ready to get back to the Grynn’s Fairy Tales action! This means that things are still going to be slow for a while, but there will at least be some progress happening. She needs to do a lot of catching up (no joke, the reminders are approaching the triple digits) however.

Let’s look at each site in turn to see what’s coming.

Tales of Ostlea

Depending on how a few things go, Tales of Ostlea will most likely get a new release soon. As ToO is mostly Gryffi’s place however, it’s best not to expect much more than a new release until Gryffi is back in action.


There appear to be a few issues with the sorting system, which will be looked at and hopefully fixed this week. A new Wizardry Card set is being worked on as well – it should have been released a month ago, but the art simply wasn’t finished yet. The set will be released as soon as it’s finished. We are hoping to be able to start releasing new cards every week, but more on that later – keep an eye on PurebloodMuggle!

Path of the Pixel

New tutorials are coming soon – they are a work in progress and should be finished either at the end of this month, or early next month. They will continue the Pixel Art series, so if that’s your thing, make sure to look for them!


At least one new release will happen soon – likely later this week! More releases are planned, but will depend on the progress made in the site overhaul. Speaking of the overhaul – it is still in progress and coding is being done behind the scenes. We can’t reveal too much yet however, as it’s still in the early stages – there’s not much to look at yet!

Grynn’s Fairy Tales

On the Grynn’s Fairy Tales site itself, the Weekly Roundup will resume starting either this week or next, depending on whether anything of note happens on any site this week already or if it has to be pushed back to next week. They should then happen every week on Sunday again.


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