The Tale of Grynn: Past, Present and Future

Happy New Year to you all! May 2017 treat you better than 2016 has 🙂


Let’s start the year with a bit of a look back at the past year. Quite a lot has happened for Grynn’s Fairy Tales!

Tales of Ostlea has grown quite a lot. Having launched late 2015, 2016 was its first full year. And what a year it was! 35 new creatures have been released, as well as several new variations of existing creatures. The breeding system has gotten a complete overhaul, Zeniths were introduced, and the first daily was launched in the form of Grave Digging. Several smaller site updates have happened, too. The site has gone a long way into finding a routine which works for it, which will allow it to be around for years to come.

PurebloodMuggle was re-launched in Beta in July, with a complete site overhaul and purpose. While the launch of the planned Adoptables feature didn’t happen yet, it has been worked on and is still going to happen eventually. In the meantime, the Wizardry Cards were introduced, launching with four sets of cards and recently adding another set.

Mysgardia was added to the Grynn’s Fairy Tales network, also in July. The site had undergone a heavy crash with loss of data, and unfortunately didn’t quite manage to recover from it. We quickly went to work creating order amongst the chaos, leading to some small changes and fixes. Item prices where changed across the board, exploration chances changed slightly and fishing was expanded a bit. The final, permanent forum was opened, also revealing Mysgardia’s upcoming new look.

Path of the Pixel has been quiet, but nevertheless has received some updates. A few new articles were posted. Most of the work has been done behind the scenes however, preparing for future articles.

Grynn’s Fairy Tales itself was, of course, created and launched this year, in August. It has provided us with a way to organise and structure our sites, and a platform for all our creativity. We couldn’t be happier with it!


Over the past year, we have learned a lot. A lot! We enter the new year armed with all the knowledge and experience we have gained, and we’re confident that we’ll be learning a whole lot more.

With Grynn’s Fairy Tales slowly growing larger and larger, we’ve had moments where we were incredibly enthusiastic about it all, yet also quite overwhelmed at everything that needed to be done. We’ve noticed a need for some proper organisation not just on Grynn’s Fairy Tales as a whole, but also on the separate sites. We’re currently in the middle of all of this organising; of course, it’s mostly behind-the-scenes, so to the members of our sites it may look as if nothing’s happening.

This is currently the most obvious on Mysgardia, which we’re heavily restructuring and still trying to organise into something which makes sense to us. We’ve got big plans for the site and are still very happy to have added it to the Grynn’s Fairy Tales network, even if it came to us as a bit of a mess. 2017 will definitely hold big things for Mysgardia!


We’ve looked at the past and the present; now let’s look at the future and see a bit of what it holds for Grynn’s Fairy Tales!

Tales of Ostlea is going strong, and will be continuing as it is. Its staff is constantly working on improvements big and small and will keep doing this. There will of course be plenty of new creature releases, as well as fun events around the different holidays.

PurebloodMuggle should be getting its adoptables system in 2017, though it may be late in the year; progress on it is slow and will remain as such for at least a few months. Of course the Wizardry Cards aren’t going anywhere; several new sets are already planned for the year, and from late 2017 onwards you can expect weekly new card releases! The sets will be released with a new system; instead of the entire set being available from the start, it’s released in parts.

Mysgardia is going to see some very large changes. We’re planning a site re-design. The looks will be based on those already visible on the Mysgardia forum. It’s not just the looks that will be updating, however; many features will be updated to be more logical and easy to use.
Naturally there will also be new releases and events. In fact a new creature is released today, so make sure to go and have a look! It’s the first regular new release since we took over the site, and we promise it’s the first of many.

Path of the Pixel will see at least one new article released each month. We’re hoping to make this at least two, with a regular update schedule of one every two weeks; this depends a bit on circumstances and the time available to us, though. We’re continuing the Pixel Art tutorial series and by the end of the year, those who follow the series should be able to make a complete pixel art piece, and even animate it.

On the Grynn’s Fairy Tales site, we will be starting a new weekly post series. Every Sunday, we’ll be giving you a quick summary of everything that happened on our various sites that week. New releases, events, and in slow weeks, highlights from the forums and perhaps even some fan art. Next week will be the very first one, so look forward to it!

Naturally we’re also always looking to expand out network. We’re working with several talented people who want to set up their own site and while there are no deadlines or dates decided on, we’re hoping to be able to unveil at least one of their projects in this coming year. Great things are coming!

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