Weekly Roundup

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Welcome to the very first proper Weekly Roundup, where we take a look at everything that’s happened on Grynn’s Fairy Tales over the past week! Tales of Ostlea Last week the Frost Jackal was released, a new winter seasonal creature to be found in Sunanie Glacier. This week saw the end of the mass-drop for this new creature, on Tuesday. The Glacier is now once again filled with other creatures as well, and the Jackal…

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The Tale of Grynn: Past, Present and Future

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Happy New Year to you all! May 2017 treat you better than 2016 has 🙂 Past Let’s start the year with a bit of a look back at the past year. Quite a lot has happened for Grynn’s Fairy Tales! Tales of Ostlea has grown quite a lot. Having launched late 2015, 2016 was its first full year. And what a year it was! 35 new creatures have been released, as well as several new…

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