Tales of Ostlea

Tales of Ostlea logo

Once upon a time, there were two gods, a Phoenix and a Dragon. They created a land and brought people there; people who didn’t have anywhere else to go. It didn’t take long for these people to settle down and, as people do, they became curious about the land they were living in. Thus, the Explorer’s Guild was founded, and soon many explorers went out into the world, discovering the most fantastical creatures. Many explorers…

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PurebloodMuggle logo

Once upon a time, there was a boy living in a cupboard under the stairs, called Harry Potter. He was the main character of an immensely popular book and film series. His fandom was strong and even after the last films ended, the fans wanted more. Thus, PurebloodMuggle was born. Here the loving fans could get sorted into Houses, collect Wizardry Cards, and raise magical pets. It was their very own online wizarding world, and they lived happily ever…

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Mysgardia logo

Once upon a time, a Dragon and an Alicorn, both gods, created a new world, Mysgardia. Together they gave it life. The Dragon created a lesser god, the Faceless, who then gave the world life by creating creatures. The Alicorn then created humans. However, the creatures and humans couldn’t live together harmoniously and a war broke out, giving rise to Darkness and Light. Faceless then captured the essence of creatures into eggs, which humans could…

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Path of the Pixel

Path of the Pixel logo

Once upon a time, there was a Sensei. The Sensei traveled far and wide and saw the same thing all over: people wanting to learn how to make art on a computer, but not knowing where to start. The Sensei, knowing much about this topic, decided to start a dojo, Path of the Pixel. Students flocked towards it and learned of his wisdom, learned to wield the power of the Stylus, and learned invaluable Art-Fu…

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