PurebloodMuggle logoOnce upon a time, there was a boy living in a cupboard under the stairs, called Harry Potter. He was the main character of an immensely popular book and film series. His fandom was strong and even after the last films ended, the fans wanted more.
Thus, PurebloodMuggle was born. Here the loving fans could get sorted into Houses, collect Wizardry Cards, and raise magical pets. It was their very own online wizarding world, and they lived happily ever after.



Site: http://purebloodmuggle.com
Opening date: July 8th, 2016
Project leader: Rhynn

Ever since discovering adoptables websites, Rhynn had been walking around with the idea of adoptable creatures with nods to the Harry Potter world. After going through a rough patch with a Harry Potter site on which she was admin, she decided to finally go ahead and make it happen.

Currently, PurebloodMuggle is still in its infancy. The adoptables feature is still being coded, meaning the main feature, magical creatures, is not yet available. The somewhat more minor features are finished and available however: members get sorted into a House after registration, and can start a Wizardry Cards collection with over 100 cards ready to collect, and more on the way.

Being extremely new still and only partially open, the current userbase is small, and this is on purpose. No marketing has been done for the site yet at all so all members are there through word of mouth; once the adoptables feature is ready to launch into Beta, extensive marketing will be started.