Mysgardia logoOnce upon a time, a Dragon and an Alicorn, both gods, created a new world, Mysgardia. Together they gave it life. The Dragon created a lesser god, the Faceless, who then gave the world life by creating creatures. The Alicorn then created humans. However, the creatures and humans couldn’t live together harmoniously and a war broke out, giving rise to Darkness and Light.
Faceless then captured the essence of creatures into eggs, which humans could take to raise and bond with. The two now shared their joy and defeats, and lived together happily ever after.Mysgardia art example

Opening date: November 19th, 2015
Project leader: Gryffi & Rhynn

On November 19th, Lavie opened Mysgardia, an adoptables site with her unique, cute art style. This was the second incarnation of the site. Late July 2016, she realised that she no longer had the time necessary to work on the site, and looked for someone to take over its ownership.
It was quickly agreed upon that Mysgardia would be taken over by Gryffi and Rhynn, becoming part of Grynn’s Fairy Tales.

The site offeres adoptable creatures in a cute, child-friendly pixel style. All creatures are free, although a special version of the site’s mascot creature, the Kitsura, can be acquired through donating. Mysgardia’s lore is a work in progress, as is much of the site at present.

Mysgardia has a strong core userbase, which plays despite the presence of several glitches. GFT aims to first focus on fixing what is present. Once the site works as it should, new features, art and creatures will be added.