Mid 2015, Gryffi together with some other staff affectionately referred to as Skittles, founded Tales of Ostlea to fill the void left by the closure of beloved adoptables site Tale of Dragons. Rhynn joined as an artist and they soon noticed that they worked together very well. Several more projects were started, including PurebloodMuggle and Path of the Pixel. In their continued success, they decided to use their artistic and administrative experience to assist other adoptables websites.

To do so in an organised manner, they founded Grynn’s Fairy Tales.

About Grynn’s Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there was a big, heavy book. This book was not just any book; no, it contained stories so vivid and so real, they were worlds on their own. The book was loved by many and countless hours were spent exploring it. The book was magical; new stories appeared often, without anyone seemingly having written them. And each new story was a new world, a new adventure; new friends, new enemies, new- well, everything, really.
The book remains a mystery to this day. All that’s really known is its name: Grynn’s Fairy Tales. Well- one more thing is known: those who come to know the book all, without fail, live happily ever after.

Grynn’s Fairy Tales is the network into which all of Gryffi and Rhynn’s projects are collected. It also accepts partnerships with other websites; the main focus is on adoptables websites, but other sites may be considered for partnership as well. The sites in this network support each other with knowledge, staff and occasionally financially.

Future plans include setting up new sites together with other people and several other projects. These will all be announced on the Grynn’s Fairy Tales site first, so make sure to subscribe to the site if you’re interested!

About Gryffi

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Gryffi (Julie Covert) is a prolific writer and the main administrator for Tales of Ostlea. She maintains the coherency of the ever-growing lore of Ostlea and writes most of the forum announcements and answers questions from the community. Gryffi is also currently learning to program in PHP. She is an avid reader and enjoys expansive world-building, as can be seen in Tale of Ostlea’s lore.

She’s currently in her mid-twenties and residing in New York, where she has lived her entire life along with her disabled mother and sister. In addition to her human family, she also has what some call her own personal petting zoo: a dog, 7 cats, a half-angora bunny, a sunburst conure, a chinchilla who thinks she’s a kitten and 3 betta fish, all which she cares a great deal for. Though when she started off she did not have any experience creating or building websites she feels she has gained the necessary skills through her experiences with Tales of Ostlea and is continuously learning and improving.

Random facts:

  • She is OBSESSED with otters; if she had her way she’d own an entire romp of them
  • Her daily rhythm is messed up, going to sleep and waking up at completely random times of day
  • Like most, the first adoptables site she ever joined was DragonCave, where she learned of Tales of Dragons, from where her love of adoptables sites just kept growing
  • She’s a HUGE horror fan, from movies to books written by her favorite author Stephen King. She just can’t get enough.

About Rhynn

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Rhynn (Nathalie van Basten Batenburg) is in her late twenties and currently lives with her in-laws on a tropical island in the Caribbean. She is originally from the Netherlands and has lived in Belgium for several years. She has been making websites for years, having started with forums where just she and her friends hung out. Because of this, she has extensive experience as a forum administrator, including forums of over 6000 members. Her technical skills include writing HTML and CSS from scratch. She is aiming to vastly expand her coding skill set however, hoping to add Javascript and PHP to the list, as well as learning more about MySQL databases.

She is also an avid artist with a wide range of styles and skills. As cliché as it is, it’s true: she has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She’s always looking to improve her artistic skills and currently focuses on anatomical knowledge, which she immediately puts to practice in creating new creatures for the various Grynn’s Fairy Tales adoptables sites. She considered a career in art teaching, but instead chose to combine her love of websites and art into Path of the Pixel where she feels she has much more freedom than in a classroom.

Rhynn has a love for the written word. She prefers to spend what little free time she has reading, and is no stranger to writing fiction and herself. This can be seen in the creature descriptions and lore she has written for GFT sites.

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Random facts:

  • Rhynn is obsessed with Harry Potter and knows far too much about it
  • She owns a Syrian hamster called Nexus, who lives in a gigantic cage that’s actually a bookcase on its back
  • Keep any and all bananas away from her, as she absolutely loathes them

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