Weekly Roundup

Welcome back for the second Grynn’s Fairy Tales Weekly Roundup!

Tales of Ostlea

Tales of Ostlea has gotten a very minor fix in the Inventory. With the addition of the Zenith orbs food had slipped down on the list a bit, making it harder to find. It has now been moved further to he top, so it’s easier to feed growing creatures.

Path of the Pixel

For the first time in a while, Path of the Pixel has a new article! It’s the first in a new series about the Power of Layers. While it is only an introduction, it is essential reading to any artist not familiar with layers in art programs.

PurebloodMuggle and Mysgardia

A forum update was announced for PurebloodMuggle and Mysgardia both, but it did not, in fact, take place. While preparing the update we noticed some problems which meant we wouldn’t be able to update the sites – mainly, some plugins we find essential aren’t yet compatible with the newer version of the forum software. Rest assured the updates will happen at some point, but not before we’re certain of plugin compatibility.

And that’s all, folks! Don’t miss us next week!

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    Drawing the Line: the Sprite Outlines

    You know about the basics, checked out the first steps, and prepared a sketch to work from. In other words, you’re ready to start putting down your first actual pixels! We’re going to get started with the sprite outlines. First we’re going to have a look at the basics of pixel lines, and then we’ll apply what we’ve learned to the sketch we prepared in the previous lesson! Straight lines Let’s revisit the definition of pixel art for a moment: an artwork in which every single pixel was placed with an express purpose in mind. Knowing that, it follows that making … Continue reading