Weekly Roundup

It’s Sunday, which means it’s Weekly Roundup day! And as promised in the update last week, things have been happening around the Grynn’s Fairy Tales network.

Tales of Ostlea

First up is a brand new release on Tales of Ostlea! This new creature drops in Mt. Ekoh, where it’s still mass dropping until midnight tonight, so grab it while you can. They are of course permanent, but now’s the time to load up on them!


The PurebloodMuggle sorting system bug has been ironed out and it should once again be possible to get sorted as normal. Those who have not been sorted yet despite taking the test are urged to re-take the test, after which they will be put into their house as soon as possible.

The new cards are still being worked on, but progress is steady – not long left now until they’re ready for release!


Mysgardia saw a new release yesterday, with not one but two new creatures! The release may have happened in April 1st, but we promise it’s not a joke. They’re both here to stay, permanently. The first creature is found in the Cold Biomes, where it’s rare. The second is found in the Hot Biomes, where it can uncommonly be found. Both these beauties were made by Grynn’s Fairy Tales artist ZioCorvid!

And that’s all for this week – come back next week for more Grynn’s Fairy Tales news and updates!

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