Weekly Roundup

Welcome back for the third Grynn’s Fairy Tales Weekly Roundup!

Tales of Ostlea

Not much has happened this week in the world of Grynn’s, just a few days ago a new creature was released on Tales of Ostlea which can be found making its home in Scylla’s Cove. As these new beasts called Voltains, are still mass dropping and will continue to do so until 11:59 PM by the site’s time tonight.

On Thursday Ostlea’s New Arrival Guide received a massive update, the thread now has sections for the site’s newest locations such as the Sintera Tombs and Kirtin’s Temple as well as a recently added FAQ section. In addition to the update, a link to the guide can now be found in the site’s sidebar.

And that’s all, folks! Don’t miss us next week!

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