Weekly Roundup

A bit late this week, but here’s the Weekly Roundup!

Tales of Ostlea

Over on Tales of Ostlea, the Spring Festival has come to an end as spring itself drew to a close as well. This means no more Shelled creature crafting until next year! It also means that Storm Heralds have been removed from the Menagerie, being replaced by Solsynth Dragons. Get them while you can!

  • Around our Network: Path of the Pixel

    Drawing the Line: the Sprite Outlines

    You know about the basics, checked out the first steps, and prepared a sketch to work from. In other words, you’re ready to start putting down your first actual pixels! We’re going to get started with the sprite outlines. First we’re going to have a look at the basics of pixel lines, and then we’ll apply what we’ve learned to the sketch we prepared in the previous lesson! Straight lines Let’s revisit the definition of pixel art for a moment: an artwork in which every single pixel was placed with an express purpose in mind. Knowing that, it follows that making … Continue reading