Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the very first proper Weekly Roundup, where we take a look at everything that’s happened on Grynn’s Fairy Tales over the past week!

Tales of Ostlea

Last week the Frost Jackal was released, a new winter seasonal creature to be found in Sunanie Glacier. This week saw the end of the mass-drop for this new creature, on Tuesday. The Glacier is now once again filled with other creatures as well, and the Jackal can be fed.

On Wednesday, a small bug involving the Frankincense potion was fixed. It’s unclear when this bug reared its ugly head as the item worked as intended before, but whenever it was: it’s gone now!

On Saturday a few small site improvements were implemented. First off, creatures which are for sale now show a small “(for sale)” text to the owner, to easily see which ones are for sale.
Adult creatures now have a “Finalize” button, which means potions etc. can’t be used on them anymore.
Lairs can be locked now, meaning no new creatures can be moved into it, and creatures in it can’t be moved out of it.


The New Year’s event card released on the 1st of January was available up until yesterday. Friday was the last day it could have been redeemed. The card will not be available again until it gets released in an Event Card Pack.

And that’s all for this week! See you in seven days!

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