Upcoming Events

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time we take a look at the upcoming events on Grynn’s Fairy Tales sites. You can of course always check the calendar on our events page as well!

Tales of Ostlea

On Tales of Ostlea, the first upcoming event is the 1st birthday! It’s in a few days already, with the festivities starting on the 8th of October. This is an event you definitely don’t want to miss; big things are afoot!

The next event will be Halloween at the end of the month. The exact start and end date for the event cannot currently be confirmed, but count on the last week of October with perhaps a few days in November.


Not really an event, but some of the updates mentioned in the quick update on the temporary Mysgardia forums will be happening between now and the end of the month, particularly part 1 of the art updates.

As for the first actual event, this will be Halloween at the end of the month. Again no confirmation on the exact dates, but they will be the same as for the Tales of Ostlea event barring any unforeseen circumstances. A special exploration biome will open, only available around Halloween… so make sure not to miss it!

Finally, the 19th of November marks Mysgardia’s first birthday. Naturally, this will not go by without some special attention!


A special card will be available on Halloween, with the voucher for it redeemable only for a short time. Definitely make sure not to miss this one!

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