Spooktacular Halloween Times on GFT!

It’s finally time for Halloween on Grynn’s Fairy Tales! Let’s have a look at all sites and what’s happening…

Tales of Ostlea

Over on Tales of Ostlea, Halloween is already in full swing with the forum-Trick or Treating, but it’s now time for the main event. There is naturally a new creature, temporarily available in Lyzta’s Jungle where it mass drops. That’s not all, though! A brand new permanent feature has been launched, and it’s suitably fitting for the holiday: Grave Digging! Rumours say there are some spooky creatures to be found with it…


Onwards, to Mysgardia! A brand new island has been discovered and it seems to have some exclusive goodies… you’ll need an invitation to get there, however! Not to worry, we’ve heard the invitation is quite easy to come by.
On the island you’ll find some brand new Alchemy recipes, and of course the ingredients needed to use the recipes. Some weird creature has also been spotted…


On PurebloodMuggle, we’re taking it easy this year, with the site technically still being in its Beta stage. A special event card is available until November 3rd, redeemable with a voucher. Get it now or you’ll have to wait for another way to acquire past event cards!

Grynn’s Fairy Tales

Teruteru SoarThat’s not all, however! Here on Grynn’s Fairy Tales we’ve also got something very, very special. Grynn’s Fairy Tales is proud to present its very first actual game, Teruteru Soar! The game is frustrating in its simplicity – how high can you get your score?

The game will be the first of many, as we have grand plans for Grynn’s Fairy Tales, our sites, and our games. Check it out on our brand new Games page!

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