Recruiting: Shirt Artist

Grynn’s Fairy Tales is looking for a Shirt Artist to work on shirts (and other items) for Grynn’s Fairy Tales and its sites, to be sold on our Spreadshirt shop.

This position is paid in royalties. At least $1 of item sold featuring the design will go to the artist. Payment happens monthly.

Grynn’s Fairy Tales wants to offer its users and supporters some physical objects to purchase. Of course these objects need designs, and we’d like to offer new ones regularly. So, we’re looking for an artist to create these!

Art may also be used in other places, but this will always be with the artist’s prior approval.

To apply for this position, please send an email to with your reason for applying, why you think you’d be a good fit, and examples of your work (a link to an online portfolio is fine). If you are a member on any Grynn’s Fairy Tales sites, please include which sites and your username on these sites.


You need to be able to create vector graphics and high quality raster graphics suitable for on t-shirts. This means a list of requirements needs to be met for each design (this list will be provided), such as a limited availability of colours for vector graphics. We will require examples of your work.

You need to be able to deliver new designs regularly; at least one new design every three months at least. Designs can be for any Grynn’s Fairy Tales site: Grynn’s Fairy Tales itself, Tales of Ostlea, PurebloodMuggle, Mysgardia, Path of the Pixel, and future sites as they release.

All accepted designs will become property of Grynn’s Fairy Tales, so you need to be comfortable with this. A contract will be signed with more details before you start work.

What we offer

As Shirt Artist, you will become part of Grynn’s Fairy Tales staff. As part of the staff you get access to a private forum where all the site development happens, and you’ll be able to give your input on all of it. You will have an active part in shaping the Grynn’s Fairy Tales sites if you so wish.

We offer monthly payment at the rate of $1 per item with your design sold; this amount may be more depending on the design in question. The more popular your design, the higher your payout.

You will be able to purchase items from our Spreadshirt shop at a discount.

After your work has been released in our shop, you will naturally be able to add the work to your portfolio.

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