Recruiting: Digital Artist

Grynn’s Fairy Tales is looking for a Digital Artist to work on background art for Tales of Ostlea. Working on other projects in the future may be possible as well.

This is, at this time, a volunteer position.

In order to grow the way we’d like it to, Tales of Ostlea is in need of more, high-quality digital art. Ideally, our new artist works alongside the existing staff to make the best art possible. We critique and offer feedback on each other’s work in a very active Skype group conversation, which doubles as a place for us all to get to know each other and interact as friends.

The art would be used in such places as the site’s banner, in Library books, in minigames and shops, amongst other places.

To apply for the position, please send an email to with your reason for applying, why you think you’d be a good fit, and examples of your work (a link to an online portfolio is fine). If you are already a member of Tales of Ostlea, please also include the username you’re signed up as.


You need to be able to work in the same or a similar style as the existing digital background art present on Tales of Ostlea. Small deviations in style are allowed, but it needs to fit. We will require examples of your work.

You need to be able to deliver new art regularly. Since it’s all volunteer work we don’t set deadlines, but we do want to know there is art on the way.

All art made will become property of Grynn’s Fairy Tales and Tales of Ostlea, so you need to be comfortable with this. A contract will be signed with more details before you start work.

What we offer

We offer a position as site staff on Tales of Ostlea. As part of the staff you get access to a private forum where all the site development happens, and you’ll be able to give your input on all of it. You will have an active part in shaping the site if you so wish.

We may be able to offer payment in the future, depending on how much the site earns. This is no guarantee, but it is something we really would like to be able to do.

As a staff member, you will receive a lairborn Babycone. With your work you will also earn points which can be exchanged for Oddity versions (Spriter’s Alts) of on-site creatures.

After your work has been released on-site, you will be able to add the work to your portfolio, naturally.

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