PurebloodMuggle Server Move

*Update* And it’s finished! To commemorate the event, a new Event Card is available on the forum!

*Edit* The server move is currently underway. It has already been several hours now and as always with these sorts of things, errors are making things more difficult than expected.
While we have a good idea of how to fix them, we’re currently in some severe need of sleep. Therefore the move will be continuing in the morning, hopefully finishing before noon EST.

We thank you for your continued patience!

PurebloodMuggle will be moving to a new server this coming Friday, the 7th of August in the late evening/early night EST. It may take several hours before the site is reachable again; if we’re unlucky it can take 24 to 48 hours. We really hope to have it done sooner than that, however.

The new server should have a lot fewer problems and run much quicker than the current one, and on the admin side, it will offer us much more control. Of course after the move there may be some bugs in need of squishing, and we hope to have the PurebloodMuggle members help us with that!

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