PurebloodMuggle: Grand (partial) Opening!

On July 8th, PurebloodMuggle finally partially opened! Partially because the true goal of the site, the Adoptables, aren’t done yet; we can’t exactly call the site completely open if the main feature isn’t available.

While the site was actually created in October of 2015, there was nothing to see or do on the site. The PurebloodMuggle birthday will therefore be celebrated on July 8th in the years to come.

Earn Galleons!

Get Galleons by:

  • Creating new topics
  • Replying to existing topics
  • Trying your luck in the Lucky Lottery
  • Stashing them in Gringotts and earning interest
  • Robbing them from other people
  • Secret other ways…

Get Sorted!

Professor McGonagall said it well: “While you are here, your house is like your family.” All users should get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin) and we’ve created our very own Sorting Quiz to do so! Take the quiz, if you haven’t already!

PBM get sorted banner

Interact with House mates!

Already sorted? Check out your Common Room! Have fun with your fellow House members – it’s your secret area where only other members of your House can enter, and it’s yours to have fun in. Don’t be shy, create new topics, make it feel like home!

Play forum games!

Had enough of talking only to other members of your own house? Head over to the Leaky Cauldron to chatter with other people and play some forum games. Don’t see a forum game you’d like to play? Feel free to create it!

Talk about everything Harry Potter!

Even random chatter can get tedious at times… perfect for switching to some more serious talk, about everything Harry Potter of course! The Burrow is ready to withstand even the most heated discussions about hotly debated topics (Did Dumbledore really love socks that much? Is Kreacher secretly in love with Mrs Norris? Should the Flying Ford Anglia have been a Ford Mustang instead?).

Hang around in Chat!

Of course, sometimes it gets boring waiting for other people to respond to your posts… so how about some instant chatter fun in the mChat? Chatter to your heart’s content! Careful though – we suspect someone may have cast a Babbling Curse on it, so if you can’t stop babbling anymore, do try to let someone know so the curse can be lifted.

Collect Wizardry Cards!

What would a Grand (partial) Opening be without a brand new feature?

Yes, we know you like to collect things, so we’ve prepared a feature to satisfy those collecting urges. Presenting:

Wizardry Cards logo

Wizardry Cards! Head on over to the Card Wizard’s Castle to learn all about it, then start your collection in the Collection Albums.

Once your collection has beens tarted, make sure to redeem the first two Card Vouchers! These will give you special Event cards which can’t be gotten any other way (at least not for a good long while), so you definitely don’t want to miss out on them. Go over to this announcement post on the PurebloodMuggle forum to read how to claim them!

Now, do keep in mind that the feature is in Beta. We can’t fully test it without people actually making use of it, after all. This means some things may still change, and in fact we’re hoping to automate a large part of it to minimise the moderator involvement, and waiting times with it. There’s no reason not to start collecting yet though; we guarantee your collection will be carried over once we go out of Beta! Read more about the Beta in this topic.

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