Path of the Pixel

Path of the Pixel logoOnce upon a time, there was a Sensei. The Sensei traveled far and wide and saw the same thing all over: people wanting to learn how to make art on a computer, but not knowing where to start. The Sensei, knowing much about this topic, decided to start a dojo, Path of the Pixel. Students flocked towards it and learned of his wisdom, learned to wield the power of the Stylus, and learned invaluable Art-Fu skills. Many have gone to great heights, and some are even Senseis themselves now. The Sensei was happy sharing his knowledge, and lived happily ever after.



Opening date: April 9th, 2015
Project leader: Rhynn
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Having been an artist all her life, Rhynn regularly got requests for tutorials by people looking to get into art themselves. She was always happy to teach and in 2015, she finally got the idea to create a website for it.

Path of the Pixel focuses on teaching digital art. But to learn to make digital art, a good foundation of general art skills is needed, so there is most certainly attention for traditional art skills. A large amount of tutorial are dedicated to pixel art, as demand for these is high.

Currently, Path of the Pixel needs more tutorials. With other projects demanding attention, Path of the Pixel’s development has been put on hold for a while. We hope to continue work on the site in winter 2016, however!