New Story: Mysgardia!

A new story has appeared in the book of Grynn’s Fairy Tales: Mysgardia!

The site was originally created by Lavie, who can unfortunately no longer keep up with the site. After responding to her call for someone to take over, we’re happy to announce that it is now part of Grynn’s Fairy Tales.

Those who are already members on Mysgardia will know that the site is in need of some heavy improvements. Some glitches make certain features hard to use, the new user guide has vanished, and many other things simply aren’t done or need to be better. We will be making sure to first work on making the existing features as good as they should be, after which we’re going to look at improving the site through new additions.

Of course we do want to make sure members have some new creatures to collect in the meantime, so do expect some in the near future!

So what can you expect from us?

  • A new, more user-friendly forum tailored to the needs of the site
  • Small art improvements
  • A rewritten New User guide
  • Bug fixes
  • A finished Help page
  • The return of the chatbox in some form
  • Existing and new lore being implemented into the site

Naturally, we recognise that people signed up for Mysgardia because they like the way Lavie set it up. We aim to make stick to this design as much as possible. However, we do have our own vision for the site, which we will be slowly moving towards. It is our firm belief that this vision is in line with the current site.

We’re really looking forward to the future of Mysgardia in the Grynn’s Fairy Tales library. We hope the members are, too! We’ve got an Ask Us Anything thread over on the current forum, so feel free to ask us questions and voice your concerns there. Of course you’re also welcome to make use of the comment section here! We’ll do our best to address all of the issues and soothe any fears you may have about this takeover.

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