Mysgardia: New Forum

We’ve been promising it for a while, but it has now finally happened. Mysgardia’s new, permanent forum has gone live!

Check it out here:

A lot of posts from both the old forum and the temporary forum have been moved over, so everyone can just pick up where they left off before the downtime.

The forum also has a fancy new chat room, which is fully accessible to guest members. It has been integrated into the main site as well, to ensure that members don’t ever need to set foot onto the forum in order to chat!

One important note: if you were active on the old forum an/or the temporary forum, you may already have been registered on the new forum, so you won’t need to make a new account. You will have received a message about this on the Mysgardia site if this is the case for you, so make sure to check your messages!

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