Autumn on Grynn’s Fairy Tales

Today is the first day of Autumn, and that always brings some fun new things with it on our sites!

Tales of Ostlea

On Tales of Ostlea, the Solsynth Dragon has hidden itself away once again to make room for the Wendigo in the Menagerie. You’ll want to keep an eye on Tales of Ostlea – with Halloween approaching, there’s bound to be more happening soon!


Mysgardia hasn’t done much with the seasons so far, but that changes now! A brand new biome is available, which changes with every season – currently of course it is the Autumn Island. It contains several never-before-seen items, which can be used in Alchemy – they are rumoured to be connected to a special potion…

The biome also contains a new creature, as well as the Wanderjack which has changed from a Halloween creature to a Seasonal creature.

Fawna’s Pet Shop also has a new critter (if you can really call it a critter, that is): an Enchanted Autumn Plushpup, which is also a new release.

All of the above will be available for the entire season!

Mysgardia will have an October release as normal, and of course Halloween won’t go by without us paying any attention to it, so you’ll want to check back!

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